Our LLOYDS Approved rubber stern gland hose provides the most durable hose to ensure maximum safety for what is essentially one of the most important components of your boats stern gear. This hose is sold by the millimetre and it cut to length according to your exact requirements. Please select the required size. This size is determined by the internal diameter of the hose. (This is the external diameter of the stern tube.)

A stuffing box, or packing gland, is used around a propeller shaft at the point it exits a boat's hull underwater. It is the most common method for preventing water from entering the hull while still allowing the propeller shaft to turn.

In a conventional stuffing box, the seal itself is provided by packing rings, or a square cross-sectioned rope, made of greased flax, which is packed or wound tightly around the propeller shaft, and compressed in place with a threaded nut and spacer. The box may also be fitted with an opening for periodic insertion of grease between the rings, and sometimes with a small grease reservoir.

A stuffing box packed with flax rings is designed to leak a small amount of water, a few drops per minute, when the shaft is turning; this helps keep it lubricated. This amount of leakage is seldom a problem. Drip less seals, like a mechanical face seal, or lip seal use materials more technologically advanced than flax. The more successful drip less seals are made from Carbon or PTFE (Teflon)

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PA2038 - 1mm

Picture of PA2038 - 1mm
Stern Gland Hose 38mm -STERNGLAND HOSE 1 1/2
£0.35 (GBP) excl tax
£0.28 (GBP) excl tax


Picture of PA2045-1mm
Stern Gland Hose 45mm-STERNGLAND HOSE 1 3/4
£0.38 (GBP) excl tax
£0.30 (GBP) excl tax

PA2051 - 1mm

Picture of PA2051 - 1mm
Stern Gland Hose 51mm -STERNGLAND HOSE 2"
£0.40 (GBP) excl tax
£0.32 (GBP) excl tax