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BrightCoat-1 ltr

Picture of BrightCoat-1 ltr
August Race Bright Coat is a high strength fast acting fibreglass cleaner for gel coats. A high strength Oxalic Acid based product for the removal of the toughest stains.

£13.33 (GBP) excl tax

BoatWashPro - 5 ltr

Picture of BoatWashPro - 5 ltr
August Race Boat Wash Pro is an all-over foaming cleaner for boats. Capable of removing dirt and grime from most substrates Boat Wash Pro incorporates anti smear technology to ensure the best possible finish for your boat.

£24.00 (GBP) excl tax


Picture of PolyMarineDispel
GRP Stain Remover Gel - 500ml. Removes rust stains, organic stains, algae stains from fibre glass. Simply brush onto contaminated area and leave. Once gel has turned to powder, either wipe or rinse with clean water.
£16.88 (GBP) excl tax
£15.19 (GBP) excl tax


Picture of 3M-06044
3M Marine Imperial Compound & Finishing Material (06044), Boat Polish, 950ml by 3M
£29.13 (GBP) excl tax
£23.89 (GBP) excl tax


Picture of 3M-9030
3M Marine Ultra Performance Paste and Wax - Contains the unique 3M polymer technology which provides the durability of an acrylic, with the water beading properties of a silicone.

£17.71 (GBP) excl tax


Picture of 3M-05713
3M Hookit polishing/machine finishing head for use with polishing 3M heads. Use with 3M-09048. Please note that for cutting mop use part SGM14.

£13.74 (GBP) excl tax


Picture of SGM14
Farecla G-Mop cutting head for use with polishing machine. We suggest using 3M cutting compound 3M-06044 for best results.

£9.90 (GBP) excl tax


Picture of 3M-09009
3M™ Marine Cleaner and Wax, 09009, 16 oz. Ideal product for a quick clean and wax.
£11.99 (GBP) excl tax
£10.00 (GBP) excl tax


Picture of 3M-09048
Finesse-It II Finishing Material is designed for use on topside paint systems and gelcoat to remove swirl marks after compounding with compound 3M-06044, while leaving a glazed finish.

£12.17 (GBP) excl tax

Super Quick Shine- 1ltr

Picture of Super Quick Shine- 1ltr
August Race Super Quick Shine is an amazingly quick detailing system giving a superb shine in seconds. Simply spray on and buff off with a soft cloth to leave a streak-free finish.

£13.33 (GBP) excl tax

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