Up-rated Stainless Injection Elbows Due Now!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Volvo Penta injection elbows have long been a common cause of overheat and loss of performance in "Compact" Volvo Penta units.

Volvo Penta ran out of stock of this common part in July 2013 and many customers were fortunate in that Ropewalk Marine’s stock ensured that this part was available long after Volvo Penta (and most other Main Dealers) had run out of stock. With the part not being due to be available again until the middle of September 2013, many customers have felt the need to do other things, (such as take up golf), whilst their boats are unusable due to a lack of parts availability.

Engines effected included MD2010A, MD2010B, MD2010C, MD2010D, MD2020A, MD2020B, MD2020C, MD2020D, MD2030A, MD2030B, MD2030C, MD2030D, MD2040A, MD2040B, MD2040C, MD2040D, D1-13A, D1-13B, D1-20A, D120B, D1-30A, D1-30B, D2-40A, D2-40B, D1-13F, D1-20F, D1-30F, D2-40F.

If you are one of the many who have decided that golf is a dull, monotonous game you will be pleased that Ropewalk have decided to fabricate a significant number of elbows in stainless steel that not only remedy the issue of availability of this part, but also deals with the corrosion problems, which many have experienced with the cast iron elbow.

The up-rated elbow is available here and now, and is considerably less expensive than a cheap set of golf bats.

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