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EXHAUST RISER for MD2010, MD2020, MD2030, MD2040, D1, D2 and Compact Units. An exhaust riser raises the level of the exhaust elbow. This is installed at or below the water line.. Used where 861906 is unsuitable
Manufacturer: Ropewalk Ltd
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Stainless Steel Exhaust Injection Riser Elbow - Volvo Penta Parts and Accessories

An exhaust riser raises the level of the exhaust elbow. This is installed at or below the water line. The riser reduces the risk of siphonage back into the engine via the exhaust system. Used where injection elbow 861906 or 861906SS is too low in the vessel.

Overall Height:  240 mm

Rises Outlet by 200 mm

Fits all Volvo Penta D1's & D2-40's Also fits all Volvo Penta MD2010, MD2020, MD 2030 and MD 2040's.

Restrictions in exhaust elbow are a common cause of overheating on Volvo Penta Compacts. (MD2010, MD2020, MD2030 & MD2040 Volvo Penta marine diesels.)
Replacement of this part where restrictions are evident from carbon build up and corrosion are a common resolution to overheats (And also lack of revs from lack of exhaust) caused by the engines inability to pass seawater/exhaust gases. You will need to order gasket 861907 seperately as this does not come with this exhaust elbow.
Fits all Volvo Penta MD2010, 2020, 2030 & 2040, D1 and upto D2-40 units.

Use with gasket 861907.

MD2010A, MD2010B, MD2010C, MD2010D.
MD2020A, MD2020B, MD2020C, MD2020D.
MD2030A, MD2030B, MD2030C, MD2030D.
MD2040A, MD2040B, MD2040C, MD2040D.
D1-13A, D1-13B, D1-20A, D120B, D1-30A, D1-30B, D2-40A, D2-40B, D1-13F, D1-20F, D1-30F, D2-40F

Unlike part Volvo Penta parts 3581031 and 3884165, this stainless steel exhaust injection riser fits ALL Volvo Penta Compact Units.

There is no standard riser available through Volvo Penta for MD2010 units. This riser is therefore the only option available through our website.


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